Together, we can get kids to school and we can give farmers seeds to plant a crop!

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Mama Ada is a woman in Kenya who cares deeply for her neighbors. On a visit to the United States in 2004, she met new friends. Together, we now work to provide opportunities to Mama Ada's neighbors and far beyond her own farm.

Through scholarships, young people are able to realize their dreams of becoming doctors, lawyers, teachers, business people and many other professions. Their futures are filled with hope, rather than despair. In Kenya, young people must pay tuition for high school, which means that about half of all young people cannot attend high school - unless you and others step forward to help now.

Through seeds and fertilizer provided by our organization, farmers are able to plant a crop and feed their families. There are so many farmers in Kenya that have an acre or two of land, on which their entire family income relies. Unless you step forward to help now, many farmers will not have anything to plant in these small fields; but with your gift, they will be able to put food on their tables - and even earn some money to pay for a doctor visit or two, to help with their child's school tuition, or to pay for other household expenses.

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